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Pioneer Commercial Bank offers a full range of deposit services to Capital Region municipalities. Our knowledge of the Capital Region and delivery of superior customer service is our expertise. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Bank, Pioneer Commercial Bank will exceed your expectations.

  • Local: Pioneer Commercial Bank works only with Capital Region municipalities. All decisions are local and all monies remain local or are invested in government.
  • Experienced: Our knowledgeable representatives bring many years of local banking experience to all of our municipal customers.
  • Committed: Pioneer has been committed to the Capital Region since 1889.

Cash Management & Investments

Pioneer Commercial Bank offers a full range of cash management and investment options at competitive rates, including Certificates of Deposit, Money Market accounts, Savings accounts and Repurchase Agreements. All investments are covered by insurance or collateral, in compliance with the Office of the State Comptroller.

Online Convenience

Pioneer Commercial Bank offers access to your balance information online, as well as several other online functions.

Payroll Services

Be assured all your payroll taxes are addressed. For more info.

Deposit Accounts*

Pioneer Commercial Bank offers checking, NOW accounts and savings options to meet the needs of every municipality. Partial and full account reconciliation is also available.

*Please click here for important changes regarding unlimited deposit insurance coverage for noninterest-bearing transaction accounts.

For bids, please email us.**

** This email is NOT secure. Do not send specific account information via this email address.

Borrowing Needs

We can meet all of your short-term borrowing needs for revenue anticipation notes, tax anticipation notes or bond anticipation notes through Pioneer’s Commercial Services Department. Pioneer also handles statutory installment bonds.

Contact a Pioneer Commercial Bank representative today.


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