PCB Stop Payment Request

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In compliance with my Stop Payment Request for a single check, Pioneer Commercial Bank will place a stop payment order against the check I have described as entered through Online Banking/Pioneer Link Service from the Pioneer Bank website, according to the agreement below.

I understand that the stop payment order is effective only if both the check number and the amount of the check exactly match the item as it is presented and as I have indicated in the Stop Payment Request.

Pioneer Commercial Bank and I will abide by the rules and regulations (as established by the Uniform Commercials Code or other law) governing Stop Payments Orders. To be effective, Pioneer Commercial Bank must receive the Stop Payment Request in time to give the Bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

I understand that the stop payment order is effective only if the check has not already been paid or deducted from the checking account. I understand that the check for which I have requested a stop payment order to be placed may have already been presented for payment today and may still be deducted from the account at nightly processing today. The Bank makes no guarantees that checks presented for payment today will be stopped.

Stop Payment requests received on or before 3:00 PM EST Monday - Friday, will be processed that business day. Stop Payments requests received after 3:00 PM EST Monday - Friday, Saturdays, Sundays or Federal Holidays, will be processed the following Pioneer Commercial Bank business day. Stop Payments requests can only be canceled by calling the Pioneer Commercial Bank Deposit Services Department at (518) 273-0539.

Properly executed Stop Payment Orders are effective for six months after the date accepted and will automatically expire after that period unless renewed in writing (Uniform Commercial Code, Section 4-403). If I recover this check, I will notify Pioneer Commercial Bank so that the Bank may remove this order from their records.

When issuing a check to replace one lost, I will use a new date and check number, and will not mark the check "duplicate".

I understand that the checking account will be charged $25.00 for each check for which a stop payment is requested.

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